Our Services

We offer the following benefits to our customers

We The Aanchal group, Provide superior quality personalized services to people with hearing impairment and speech problems. We strive to make better hearing as effortless and worry-free as possible.We provide programming of your hearing aid, cleaning, adjustment or even periodic servicing; we are fully equipped and ready to serve every hearing need of yours.
  • Hearing aid trials with suitable hearing aids
  • Best Quality branded hearing aids at competitive price
  • Within the warranty period the manufacturers of hearing aids that we deal with, will address the hearing aid repair in a timely manner. After the warranty period we will take up the repair order with the help of our in home service engineers. We provide quality repair service at affordable prices

Our specialities that makes us different and the best
Comprehensive counselling about hearing loss and hearing aids with visual aids
Frequent calls to ensure your satisfaction
Free reviews and fine tuning of hearing aids (after 15 days, 1month, 3 months and 6 month)
Our enthusiasm and special attention for each client.

    Detailed list of tests and other services conducted in our centers
  • Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)
  • TDT (Tone Decay)and other special tests
  • Speech Audiometry (SRT & SDS)
  • Free Field Audiometry
  • Aided Audiogram
  • Tympanometry and Reflexometry
  • OAE test (Otoacoustic Emission)
  • Brainstem Evoked Response Auditory
  • Hearing Aid Trial
  • Auditory Verbal Therapy
  • Speech Assessment and Speech Therapy
  • Fluency Therapy
  • Voice Therapy
  • Auditory Verbal Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Hearing Aid repairs
  • Programming of hearing aids
  • Ear moulds
  • Ear plugs

Auditory Verbal Therapy

Auditory-verbal therapy emphasizes speech and listening.

Fluency Therapy

Stuttering affects the fluency of speech.

Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is the first line of treatment for vocal fold lesions

Speech Therapy

Helpful speech tips and techniques to help your child speak clearly.

Hearing Aid Trial

The patient is referred for hearing aid trial and fitting.

Free Field Audiometry

An audiometry exam tests for hearing loss.

Pure Tone Audiometry

PTA is a behavioral test used to measure hearing sensitivity.

Speech Audiometry

Speech stimulus and this process is called Speech Audiometry.

Why Choose Us

Each individual with hearing loss deserves a very kind attention and care. We understand the pain of hearing loss and its effects on each family. That's the reason why we treat every patient as our family member. Our vision is to provide helping hands for millions of people with hearing impairment. Our team of clinical audiologists would work closely with you to help and ensure that we do what we say. We help you to hear better and improve your quality of life.